Professional Mold Removal For Residential And Commercial Properties

If you suspect or have found mold in your home or business, you need to call the professionals at Master Clean for an immediate evaluation. Mold often stems from a water problem and if you are seeing a hint of mold, more than likely there is an underlying mold issue. People often think that they can treat surface mold with bleach or “mold removing paint” and that issue will be resolved but this is hardly the case.

A mold infestation means that structural damage can happen and the integrity of your property could be at risk. Not only does mold severely damage the internal structure of a home or business, but it can also create a health risk for many people. Infants, the elderly and people with respiratory issues can all be at risk of serious health hazards from spending a lot of time in a mold-infested environment. Don’t rely on store-bought chemicals that are not going to work.

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Dangers Of Mold

Mold is an invisible and silent disturbance that creeps into your home or commercial space often following a water damage disaster or storm. Mold can also be caused by high humidity levels inside your residential space. In Massachusetts, we suffer from high humidity levels which can create an environment for mold growth. Humid air coming in contact with cold surfaces creates condensation since the cooler air can’t hold as much moisture presenting ideal conditions for mold growth. Higher than normal indoor humidity encourages mold growth. You should try to keep indoor humidity levels low, below 45%. Humidity monitoring is necessary to prevent the growth of mold and further problems stemming from mold.

Mold can damage your property and cause a musty smell, but also poses various health threats. Health problems are the most serious after-effect of mold. Individuals who already have a weak immune system or who are in poor health are most prone to these health hazards.

Mold Removal And Remediation

Proper removal and remediation of mold are crucial so as to not further spread mold spores. The professionals at Master Clean have the appropriate training and use proper equipment to remove mold. To remediate the mold, we filtrate the air of the affected area before removing all of the mold and mold-infested objects. All contents in the affected space and your belongings are cleaned to ensure mold particles are cleaned off every surface.

Mold is all around us, both indoors and outdoors thriving on moisture. It can quickly colonize when exposed to water. Mold spreads by reproducing through airborne spores, which can lay dormant and not do anything for years. They wait until the right conditions are presented to start growing. These spores can travel throughout your home or commercial space simply by attaching to air currents or people. Your HVAC system can also spread the mold spores throughout your property.

In order to prevent further mold growth, you need to find the source of mold growth and determine the cause of mold growth – whether from rainwater, a storm, water leak, or burst pipes. Call Master Clean if you find mold in your home or commercial space. Our experts have the skills and experience needed to handle your mold disaster.

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